marek dykta

Experience & Projects

  • Melodic Improvisation
  • Modern Jazz Improvisation
  • Guitar Faculty

Berklee at Rimon, Israel

Berklee at Rimon, Israel

Berklee in Los Angeles

December 2017

Decemeber 2022

July 2017

College Level and Private Teaching 

  • Guit, Ens, Harm, ET, Improv
  • Guit, Ens, Harm, Improv
  • Improv, Guit, Composition
  • Jazz Improv for all  instruments 

PWSZ Nysa, Poland 

AM Katowice, Poland

5th Silesian Jazz Festival

Online and in person




  • Asst Dir of Admissions 
  • EMEA Berklee Recruiter 
  • Berklee Board of Admissions

Berklee College of Music 

Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music




Selected Projects

  • "Cradle of Light" 
  • "Christmas Carols"
  • "Ballads for Ella"

Berklee College of Music Clinics and Teaching Experience

  • with John Abercrombie
  • with Urszula  Dudziak and Grazyna Auguscik 

International College Admissions